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Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal aesthetics has become one of the most frequently requested aesthetic surgeries by female patients in recent years. In the past, because of the fact that vaginal aesthetics was among the taboo subjects, female patients could not ask many questions about it.

Today, with the increase in the use of the internet, vaginal aesthetic surgeries have become one of the most frequently performed surgeries due to the fact that female patients can read the pages written by real experts on vaginal aesthetics and have detailed information on this subject.

Among the most frequently performed sexual aesthetic surgeries in the field of vaginal aesthetics are operations such as reduction of the labia minora (labiaplasty), vaginal narrowing, birth tear, labia minora aesthetics, lip augmentation, clitoris aesthetics, clitoris reduction.

In labiaplasty surgery, excessively drooping or large inner lips of the vagina are reduced. However, the dose of this reduction is very important. For this reason, a good surgical plan should be made, the surgery should be discussed with the patient and it should be decided how much tissue to be removed.

The majority of labiaplasty patients also have excess tissue on the clitoris. This can especially prevent orgasm or sexual pleasure. In addition, it can cause problems in cleaning after toilet in terms of hygiene. During labiaplasty surgery, clitoris reduction plastic surgery can also be performed if necessary. In addition, vaginal tightening plastic surgery can also be performed together with labiaplasty.

In some women, especially after losing excessive weight or in extremely thin women, the outer lips of the vagina may be very thin and hollow. In order to correct this situation, augmentation can be made with filler in the large lips of the vagina.

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