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Facial Aesthetics

Aesthetic surgeries related to the facial area are included in the subject of facial aesthetics. Facial aesthetics is the most important area in aesthetic surgery. Among the surgeries and procedures related to this area, applications such as rhinoplasty, face lift, eyelid aesthetics, eyebrow aesthetics, ear aesthetics, lip aesthetics, chin aesthetics, dermabrasion (rejuvenation of the facial skin), PRP, filling, botox can be counted.


Fillers used together with Botox are used alone for the removal of deep lines on the face or for lip thickening.

Face Lift surgery is the removal of the excess of the loose or sagging facial skin of the patient and giving a younger face appearance. Facelift surgery does not stop aging, but rejuvenates your facial appearance.

Ear Aestheticsi Surgery

The condition of the auricle being curved forward more than normal is called prominent ear and this situation is corrected by ear aesthetic surgery. The ear appears larger because the auricle is curved forward.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery has increased in recent years. The awareness of people about rhinoplasty, the increase and acceleration of internet access has been thanks to easier access to information.

The eyelid may sag, loosen or become baggy due to aging or as a result of excessive weight gain, in this case eyelid aesthetics is performed. In eyelid aesthetic surgery, excess skin, muscle and fat mass is removed.

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