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Sexual Aesthetics

Sexual aesthetic surgeries have increased in recent years. The reason for this can be explained by the awareness of people and the easier access to information from the internet. Among the sexual aesthetic surgeries, esthetics of the small lips or labiaplasty, vaginal tightening or vaginal aesthetics, hymen suturing or hymen suturing can be counted.

Even the most beautiful woman's dissatisfaction with her genital organs, for example, the small lips being excessively large and drooping, the enlargement of the vagina due to birth, or the opening of the episiotomy suture at birth leaving a large scar can negatively affect her sexual life.

Sexual aesthetic surgeries are usually performed under local anesthesia. In other words, only the operation area is anesthetized. Small lips are reduced or shaped under local anesthesia. Since dissolving stitches are used, there is no problem of taking stitches. There may be slight leakage less than menstrual bleeding for a few days after the surgery. The flap method is preferred in hymen suturing. Because the flap method is permanent and the closest repair to the original hymen or hymen. It is also more likely to bleed if it ruptures.

Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal aesthetics has become one of the most frequently requested aesthetic surgeries by female patients in recent years. In the past, because of the fact that vaginal aesthetics was among the taboo subjects, female patients could not ask many questions about it, so it was a subject where the relevant surgeries were performed in a small number.

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