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Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics includes plastic surgeries related to the breast structure. Breast aesthetic surgeries include breast reduction, breast enlargement, breast lift, gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men).

Pain in the back and neck, hernia, shoulder pain, shoulder collapse caused by bra straps, chronic chest pain, low back pain may occur due to breast enlargement. These complaints can mostly be corrected with breast reduction surgery in a short time.

Every woman wants aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. Sagging breasts may occur after giving birth or after weight loss. To correct this situation, breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is performed. In breast lift surgery, the breasts are recovered by removing only the excess skin without removing the breast tissue. The more sagging, the more skin will be removed, so there will be proportionally longer scars. However, all traces will remain in the bra and will fade over time.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed in order to correct the congenital inability of the breasts to develop unilaterally or bilaterally, or the shrinkage of the breasts after birth. Today, breast augmentation is best done with silicone breast prostheses. The results of breast augmentation plastic surgery performed with a silicone breast prosthesis are one of our most promising surgeries. Because results are immediate.

Breast Reduction

Breast size may increase a lot after excessive weight gain or childbirth, breast reduction surgery is performed to correct this. With the enlarging breast, the nipples also go down, that is, sagging occurs.

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