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Eyelid Aesthetics 

The eyelid may sag, loosen or become baggy due to aging or as a result of excessive weight gain, in this case eyelid aesthetics is performed. In eyelid aesthetic surgery, excess skin, muscle and fat mass are removed. The loose parts of the eyelid are removed and sutured taut. However, it should not be forgotten that the eyelid should have a certain flexibility or abundance to cover the eye. If it is sewn too tight, then the eye may remain open. For this reason, the most important part of eyelid aesthetic surgery is how much tissue is removed. Because excessive tissue removal is irreversible and can only be corrected with a skin patch to be taken from another area, and in this case the scar will remain.

Eyelid aesthetic surgery is more preferably performed under local anesthesia. Because while adjusting the amount of skin to be removed, the patient is asked to make some movements, and the patient must be awake.

Eyelids are the least scarred parts of the body. Stitches are removed in 3-5 days. Mild swelling and bruising may occur around the eyes. These will pass in 8-10 days. Along with eyelid aesthetics, face lift or eyebrow lifting operations can also be performed. In addition, botox and filling can be applied at the same time as eyelid aesthetics. However, I would not recommend performing rhinoplasty along with eyelid surgery because the eyelids will swell more due to nose surgery, which may force the stitches.

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